From September 1984 to March 1987, I worked as a Product-Specialist and Customer Care representative for Yamaha Europa GmbH in Rellingen, Germany. During this time, you focused on the product ranges of contemporary keyboards and digital pianos, primarily in Germany and Switzerland.

From April 1987 to January 1992, I joined ROLAND Musikinstrumente GmbH in Norderstedt, Germany, as a Worldwide Product-Specialist and Customer Care representative. My responsibilities included working with digital pianos and computer-aided music products.

Between February 1992 and October 1993, you worked as a Sales Representative for Southern Germany and Austria at Jacques Isler GmbH in Rödermark, Germany. During this period, I represented various brands such as ALESIS, ENSONIQ, JLCooper, ULTIMATE, and DrumKat.

From November 1993 to April 1995, I joined GENERALMUSIC Spa. in Rimini, Italy, as a Worldwide Product-Specialist and Product-Designer. Your focus was on synthesizers, digital pianos, and pro audio products.

Finally, from May 1995 to December 1996, I worked as a Sales & Product Manager at GENERALMUSIC Vertriebs GmbH in Germany. Your responsibilities included sales staff coordination, managing the purchase department’s product and marketing budget, communication with manufacturers, and coordinating marketing and marketing communication efforts.

Overall, my career in the music industry has involved various roles and responsibilities, ranging from product-specialist and customer care to sales and product management.

Still my career as a working musician never ended, even during my involvement in the broadcast industry.

Besides numerous band projects I participated in musical projects as Jesus Christ Superstar and West Side Story in 2022/23.